Property Management

At Al Sharq it is our motto to understand the specific needs of customers and cater to them in a way that meets and exceeds their expectations. It is our aim to provide prompt and quality solutions to our customers to achieve total satisfaction.

Our property management division is ably staffed by technically qualified team of personnel who liaison with various authorities and external service providers to take the hassle out of caring for your property.

Some of the services on offer to our customers through this division include:

Leasing Services: Suitable for customers who would like to avail of our expertise in seeking tenants for the premises owned by them.

Sub-Leasing Services: This is suitable for those customers, who are existing tenants themselves and would like to maximize the utility and revenue from their lease.

Brokerage Services: Our Brokerage services division leverages the in-depth knowledge of the market conditions and our keen understanding of positioning the property vis-à-vis the other options available. This serves to maximize the returns for our customers.

Evaluation Services: We offer our exclusive property evaluation services to our customers. We provide un-biased information on the current condition and their future implications on the condition of the property. This aids customers to make informed decisions that are representative of the true state of the property.

At Al Sharq, our customers can expect solutions that are of a high quality and offer total peace of mind. To know more about our services and to get a free customized quote, kindly click on the link at the bottom of this page, to enter your details in the enquiry form.